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Sunday, January 1, 2012

ASAP! (Part 3)

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When Dr. Blake arrived at Miho’s dorm, he heard loud, blaring music coming from the door. He unlocked it to find Miho’s roommate, Katie, and a boy getting drunk and dancing.

“Miho! Oh, my god!” Katie slurred, “You’ve like GOT to listen to this.”

Katie through some headphones on Dr. Blake’s head. It was even LOUDER. Then Katie asked if he wanted some booze. He thought about it. Miho’s body was young, but he was certainly old and responsible enough for a drink, right? Plus, it had been an incredibly stressful day. He decided it would be one drink and then straight to bed..


  1. I'd love a cute little body like that :)

  2. ROFLOL! great addition. Pretty soon goodbye Dr Blake, hello Miho!