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Saturday, December 31, 2011


“No way, Ellen!” Adam exclaimed, “After you ‘borrowed’ my body, you told me that you’d give it back in one day. It’s been two. You told me you’d switch us back if I wore this leather skirt and damned high heeled boots, but you haven’t. Now you say that the only way you’ll return us to normal if I have sex with you? No way! I have no interest in letting you stick that penis inside of me--even if it is mine. I’m not the slightest bit curious what sex as a woman feels like. And why should I believe you’ll do what you say even after we have sex? Not this time, Ellen! I would rather be stuck in your body for the rest of my life than keep giving into your ever increasing demands.”


  1. Another crazy bitch who didn't appreciate what she had with a s exy body like that :( Great use of picture though :)

  2. excellent stor4y & good use of pic. Looks like he's jad all he can stand

  3. I would swap with that girl, i would want to wear the skirt and The boots!