Tuesday, December 27, 2011


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Gus sighed. The economy had hit him hard, and he was taking his last $40 out of his bank account. He had always hoped for a better life, but was never able to achieve it. When the ATM asked if he wanted “change,” he couldn’t help but say yes...and what a change he got! The previous user had been a rich blonde woman, and the ATM changed Gus into her! It would be the start of a great new life for Gus, but whoever used it next would be stuck with poor, old Gus’s body!


  1. I LOVE these ATM swaps, they're among my favorite captions!!! Who's body did the blonde end up with? I have to know :) Thanks my friend!

  2. very good story. imagative use o f pic

  3. Where could a guy find this ATM? Haha great cap :)