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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Pablo peaked over the stable door to see his old body passed out in a pile of manure. He wasn’t sure what had caused him to swap bodies with his employer, Ms. VanWoodser, but he had to admit it felt good to be in her rich body. She must have passed out from the shock of being in his body. It probably wasn’t easy to adjust from to being in the body of a house servant after being a wealthy heiress.


  1. What a wonderful caption to wake up to on Christmas morning :) Sexy!!

  2. LOL! wonderful contrast & use of pic. I wonder if steals hr identity?


  3. When Ms. Woodser came to, she felt so terribly frail and old. She looked up and screamed. Her own young body was smiling down at her. "What have you done to me?" she asked in a rough man's voice, sounding a lot like her servant Pablo.

    "Nothing, PABLO" he answered in her sexy voice. "but I am enjoying this young healthy body. Now get back to work."

    The former young woman lost her mind.