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Friday, December 2, 2011

The invention

Max had to hold back his glee when his friend Chang agreed to test out his new invention with him. He placed the strange helmet atop her head, then placed another one atop his own. He told her to concentrate on a singular thought, and that the machine would allow him to read her mind. He turned some knobs and dials, and the next thing Chang knew, she was looking across the room at her own face! Max had lied; the machine didn’t allow the users to read each other’s minds--it caused them to switch bodies! Max was ecstatic to be inside Chang’s body! Max blew a quick kiss back in the direction of his own body before removing the helmet, fully prepared to enjoy a new life as Chang!


  1. An who can blame him for being ecstatic? :D This is a great caption!!

  2. WOW! WHAT A SHIT! evil story & great use of pic.