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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Brad Grant had always dreamed of being a hero. He had joined the air force over a decade ago in the hopes of doing something great. However, after two tours of duty in the Gulf, it felt like he was simply destroying innocent lives instead of making a real difference. He now lived a civilian life and had mostly forgotten his once high aspirations. It was a routine business trip to Vegas where his dreams had the chance to live once more. An event that would be come to be called The Great Shift happened mid-air. Everyone on board swapped bodies. Brad found himself in the body of a stewardess. The plane started to dip. The young boys now inhabited the bodies of the pilots, and the pilots minds were nowhere to be found. As the only one with any flight experience, Brad rushed the cockpit. Though many flights on that day would end in tragedy, Brad landed the plane he was on successfully. He became a national hero, but he was just glad that he was finally able to do some good int he world.


  1. Superb caption, and what a cute body! :) Thank you for another great caption my friend.

  2. veru good GS story & inspired use of pic