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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tourist (Part 1)

Every day Todd would walk through China Town on his way to work. He usually rushed through without giving much notice to anything, but one day he spotted a young Asian woman seemingly hypnotized by a store front window. He felt compelled to investigate what she was looking at. Her eyes were transfixed on one of the trinkets; Todd’s gaze was soon captured as well. Both continued to stare for several minutes until a light burst out into both their eyes. Todd was so thankful to be able to move again. He turned to see if the young woman was okay as well. He looked to his right and saw no one. Had she disappeared? But then he looked to his left and saw his own body standing there! His mind was racing with a mix of emotions from fear to humor, but when he looked down he could only feel shock when he realized that he must’ve swapped bodies with the Asian woman!

He tried speaking, “I’m...I’m you?” His voice seemed so much lighter and
higher pitched, “And you’re me? We’ve...we’ve swaped bodies.”

His own body responded in a language Todd couldn’t understand, but  concluded with three very distinct words, “Tourist. No English.”


  1. Another of your best captions :) Well done!! Can't wait for Part Two!

  2. GROAN! another multi! I liked most of them but some are never finished - like sports car.

    anyway, ouch funny. Good use of pic. I see real problems for them REAL problems. as they say in cool handed luke 'What we have here is a failure to communicate. '