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Friday, December 16, 2011

The wish

Bob’s wife had died when their daughter Rachel was young. He was so close to her that it nearly broke his heart when she went to college many miles away from home. Every day he longed for her to be closer and wished he could see her every day. He had no idea that a passing magical being saw it fit to grant his wish, though certainly not in the way he expected. Within an instant, he found himself in the body of Rachel’s freshman roommate, Zoe. He was in pure shock as he sat on her bed, seeing his daughter across the room at a desk. Then his shock continued when he looked down to discover his new body. Rachel looked over with a puzzled look on her face; she wondered why her roommate just started playing with her breasts as though she was experiencing them for the first time. Little did she know it was her father inside Zoe’s body, and he WAS experiencing them for the first time.


  1. Great caption. This would be fun to follow up on. What do Zoe and her father do together now? Does he look out for her like a father or does he go total gal pal and help her get laid? And what happened to Bob's old body?

  2. Wow, I LOVE this caption! Poor Zoe, lol. Is it a possession or a body swap, and if its the latter...what's Zoe going through right now? lol

  3. Bob headed back to his new room after another day of class. He had noticed one of the boys in class observing him,or rather "her", and found this body growing damp at the thought. Maybe I'll find out what sex is like in this new body, he thought to himself.

    When he came into the room, his daughter looked upset. "What's wrong?" he asked in Zoe's sweet voice.

    "It's my dad," said Rachel. "He's gone insane, keeps ranting that he's really Zoe trapped in a man' body. We're going to have to put in in a hospital."

    "I'm so sorry to hear that," said the new Zoe, wrapping her arms around Rachel.

  4. Wow, this caption is great. i wonder what will happen to Zoe. Rachel and her dad are about to get along a lot more then he ever thought he would. if this were to happen to me and i was the dad. i would do the same

  5. ..well, really great caption indeed!!
    I personally like to think the new Zoe asks Rachel if she wants to help hand washing some of her dirty clothes. I'm pretty sure she would suggest her to go jogging or do pilates to work up a sweat first..

    xxx Rosemary Gurl