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Friday, July 11, 2014

Reality (Part 3)

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The phone rang several times before someone finally answered, and Harvey smiled with a sense of relief.

“Sarah!” He said quickly, “It’s me! It’s Dr. Wexler.” He paused, “What do you mean who else would it be? I need you to do something for me fast. I need you to...I need you to...I honestly can’t think of what I need from you right now. I’m sorry to trouble you, Sarah. You should head home. You work late enough as it is! I’ll see you on Monday!”

Dr. Wexler didn’t make the call in time. A new reality had been written. His life would be mostly the same, except he was now Dr. Harriet Wexler instead. There were plenty of other shakeups in the world as well, but he wouldn’t be aware of any of them...nor would anyone else.

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