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Thursday, July 17, 2014

What If It Wasn't an Accident?

An accident with the Medallion of Zulu had caused Josh to switch bodies with his sister, April, on the morning of her wedding. Seeing as how they wouldn’t be able to switch back for 12 hours, April pleaded with her brother to pretend to be her for the ceremony. Josh reluctantly agreed as he went through all the hair and makeup routines and found himself dressed in a beautiful white gown.

With minutes left to go before the ceremony, a bridesmaid casually asked him, “So you didn’t get cold feet after all?”

Suddenly Josh froze. What if the accident with the medallion hadn’t been an accident? What if this was his sister’s way of getting out of this whole thing? What if he was going to be stuck like this? Stuck in her body in her life with her husband? It wasn’t too late to run, was it? He could run off. Sure, he’d still be stuck in his sister’s body, but at least he wouldn’t be tied down to a husband!

Then the music started...

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