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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Taking the Case

Roger’s high intellect made him a great lawyer, but he certainly didn’t have the skills to be working in a nail salon. He was still trying to wrap his brain about how he swapped bodies with a manicurist. He had taken a pro bono case of a man claiming innocence in a murder. He explained to Roger that the real murderer had stolen his body, and he could prove it to Roger by telling him where the machine could be found. Roger trekked to a seedy part of town, and sure enough there was a large machine in the basement. But how would he know if this thing could switch bodies? As he began to examine it, the damned thing somehow went off, and he found himself in the body of one of the neighbors, a young woman who worked in a nail salon. Until he could figure out how to explain this whole body swapping thing and present the evidence to the court, he decided to pretend to be who he appeared to be. Of course, that meant doing a job that he had no idea how to do...


  1. Hmm, if he can prove the body swapping thing and keep his license, in that body, he'd be the hottest lawyer in town!