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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


After a long twelve hour flight, Eric was very ready to start his vacation on Exchange Island. Unfortunately, instead of swapping with another guest on the plane; he swapped with the stewardess. This body didn’t have enough luggage for a two week trip and didn’t have a room reserved at the resort either. But it got worse, because it turned out Eric wouldn’t even be able to use that room even if she had. Seeing as he swapped with the stewardess, he was expected to make another trip to the mainland with this body and then come back once again to Exchange Island. It was another twenty four hours in the air before Eric would finally be able to relax, and this time he’d have to make the flight while serving drinks and giving a lecture on safety features. He tried to complain, but it was listed in the possibilities of the contract he signed when he booked the trip. All he wanted to do was start his vacation, and instead he just got a lot more work!

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