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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The story of the magic taxi (Part 3)

Unfortunatly, Stephanie never got Kevin's letter. By the time it arrived, she had already stolen the body of Matt Heidelberg, a high powered attorney. However, the first day in the body of the cabbie, he received the letter from Kevin explaining the situation. He bought a journal and put Kevin's letter inside. He wrote a few other notes too, mentioning that he had taken a particularly long ride and the trip concluded with the cab driver saying, "Have a nice day." He began doing tests with short rides,making sure each trip was ten cents more than the one prior. It quickly stopped mattering who he was giving rides to, he became conumed by the experiment. Then finally, one day it happened. He had swapped with some blonde woman, he couldn't wait to get back to journal and write down the exact amount that triggered the swap. Then he realized in this new body, he no longer had access to it! He could only hope that the woman whose life he stole would be able to figure out the pattern and finalize the notes.

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