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Monday, December 3, 2012

The mission (Part 2)

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The rest of the crew would be coming out of stasis shortly, and it was up to Commander Talcon to prepare for them. He needed to have an aura of confidence and present a read-to-go attitude. Coming out of stasis can be quite disorienting. The computer had woken him up first so none of the crew would see him stumbling around and getting a hold of himself. He had the added surprise of waking up as a woman, so he certainly hoped he had enough time to overcome any personal difficulty he might have with that scenario. He had to admit that it didn’t seem so bad thus far.

He felt a little odd as he moved about, but he suspected no one would notice his discomfort. The first place he went to was a small locker. Inside were the few personal items he had been allowed to bring. He took out a pair of glasses; they blurred his vision. He had know it would probably be silly to bring them. It was unlikely his inherited body would need them, but he had read so many good books with these glasses, he felt the need to take them for the sake of memory. They’d always remind him of his past.

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