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Friday, December 21, 2012

Agent #2023

He was part of a secret shadowy part of the government. No one would ever acknowledge the group’s existence, but they kept the country safe. He had been training with the group for years. Since his first day, he had only been known as Agent #2023--his original identity remained confidential. Training had been hard work, but today would be his first official day in the field. Or it would have been. A comparable agency from an enemy country had discovered the group’s base, and they had an evil plan. Conventional weapons would’ve been far too easily identifiable, so they had developed a weapon of confusion--a weapon that could switch people’s brains. As Agent #2023 started getting ready for his first mission, he suddenly felt strange. He son found himself in another part of the base wearing a white lab coat--and in the wrong body! He recognized whose body it was, Agent #1897, she was one of the scientists at the base. While the weapon did cause some confusion, it was too short for the enemy to take advantage of. Within moments, Agent #2023 had new orders. He striped out of Agent #1897’s lab coat and into the standard issue outfit for female spies. He grabbed a gun for what would now be his first mission--vengeance against the enemy who attacked the base with that strange bodyswapping weapon!

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