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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dream vacation

It was supposed to be a dream vacation in a tropical paradise at a luxury resort for Paul. For a few days it was, but as he sat on the beach sipping drinks, he exploded at the local woman serving him for being a bit to slow. She tried to explain the beach was busy that day, and she had to make sure everyone was taken care of, but Paul just exploded. The woman turned back to him with a glare and the mumbling of a few words. He went to sleep in a comfy bed and thought nothing of the events of the day until he woke up the next morning. A drip of water fell on him. The roof was leaking, the bed he slept in was hard and uncomfortable, and there was a draft. He shot upright; he realized these were not the conditions of the luxury hotel! He was in one of the shacks that the locals lived in, many miles from the hotel. At first he thought he had been kidnapped, but then he tried to stand up and realized he was attempting to do so on heels. He was in someone else’s body. He searched for a reflective surface, and when he found one, he was shocked. He had switched bodies with the server he yelled at yesterday!

1 comment:

  1. So she "punishes" him by giving him her sexy body?? Poor guy :P Stupid woman, lol.