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Monday, December 24, 2012

Half way

TG Captions
Earl had agreed to test out his company’s latest invention, a device that promised to give anyone the body of their dreams. It looked just like a simple shirt and shorts. This was by design, as it was intended to be hidden under clothing. He’d wear it for a week as it transformed his body, then he’d have that new body for a month before putting the device on again for another week to revert to his original self. To test the device fully, they selected a rather extreme chance for Earl. By the second day, it was obvious that they were changing him into a woman for the trial. By the fourth day, he couldn’t believe how different he looked. But he wondered, if the device was only about half done transforming him, what would happen over the next three days? Would he become more feminine? More shapely? Would he get bigger breasts? It was hard for him to imagine since the ones he had were already starting to hurt his back.

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