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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

End of the Line

Jason usually drove home, but after a late night with too many beers at the bar, he opted for the train. He wasn’t exactly sure when it happened due to his drunken state, but he noticed it by the time he was halfway home -- he was himself anymore. Had he suddenly transformed into a woman? Had he swapped bodies with a woman on the train? He wasn’t exactly sure; he hadn’t been sober enough to be paying attention. He became curious about his new body. He shifted his position quite often just to feel the way it moved. He was probably making a scene, but there weren’t many people on at this hour, and it was late enough that hardly anyone cared about some weirdo on the train. He wasn’t even paying any attention when the train got to his stop. In fact, he continued to be fascinated by his new body until the end of the line. He knew he’d have to get off, but he could just hop on another one going back the opposite way.

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