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Monday, September 19, 2016

Good Shape (Part 3)

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It only got weirder for Jim once he finished up exercising and decided to shower off and get dressed. His closets and drawers were filled with women’s clothing -- and most of it was pretty sexy! The abilities of the piece of exercise equipment went from odd to just plain unbelievable. It just didn’t make sense for his clothing to be altered. Then again, he might not want to think too much into it. If his clothing had been changed, maybe his identity had been as well. He might not have to worry about explaining his sudden change of gender to the government of his financial institution. As he thought about it all, he was absent-mindedly getting dressed without any difficulty; he slathered on a coat of makeup as if he had been doing so for years. He checked himself out in the mirror and decided he had absolutely nothing to complain about.

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