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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Once androids became more mainstream in the world, it didn’t take long for Nigel to create a program that would allow a person to upload one’s consciousness into the network inside the robot. He was reluctant to release his work to the public, but with his own health failing, Nigel took a risky move by uploading his own brain into the nearest android connected to a network. Within moments, he was surprised to find himself in an artificial body. He was even more surprised that the body happened to be female. The robotic joints felts stiff and very mechanical, even though he was sure anyone watching would see them as fluid and almost a perfect mimicking of a human. Then there was the bigger problem of still being connected to a network! Whoever owned this android used her quite frequently. To make speeches at sales presentations, to wave like a model. Whenever the body was sent a command over the network, he had no way to stop himself -- he had to do it! If he were just given a chance to rest, he might be able to get to a computer and disconnect himself, but he never seemed to get a break long enough...

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