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Monday, February 22, 2016

Go Wrong

“Can you please stop yelling at me?” Juan asked his boss, “I am fully aware I am not getting any work done, but what do you expect me to do? I may be stuck in Carla’s body, but I’m not Carla; I don’t know how to do her job. I’m the janitor! And I tried to keep doing my job, which was not easy in Carla’s skirt and heels by the way, but Carla came over and yelled at me. She told me I might ruin her nails or mess up her outfit. Then she told me to sit here. Look, I’m not sure you can complain about any of us not working. We didn’t ask for your engineers in the basement to test that machine that swapped everyone’s bodies. Honestly, I don’t care what weird stuff you develop down there; I just don’t need my pay docked when the weird things you make go wrong.”

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