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Friday, February 19, 2016


The advertisement for the mask seemed too good to be true. It was supposed to keep the wearer protected from the Transformation Virus that had been spreading across the planet, which would allow the wearer to go out in public and lead a normal life without fear of being transformed. John was happy when his mask finally arrived; he put it on and went outside for the first time in weeks. It didn’t take long for John to find out that the ads were too good to be true. He found his body changing. The initial changes weren’t so bad, he grew taller and thinner. Then they got weirder. His hair grew out and became bright pink. Then the pain set in as his gender rearranged itself -- going from male to female. Then it stopped. He was now a tall, statuesque Asian woman. The mask didn’t stop the Transformation Virus from affecting him, but at least his transformation wasn’t that bad. In fact, unlike many, he could still pretty much continue a normal life like this. And now that he had been infected, he couldn’t get infected again.

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