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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Theo always loved going to the electronics convention. He loved seeing the latest gadgets before their release to the general public. He was even more thrilled when a man approached him and asked him if he wanted to try out a gizmo that was in the testing phases and still years away from even being shown at the convention. Theo jumped at the opportunity. It started with a small focus group of about ten people where they were asked various questions. Then they were all sent off in pairs. The woman paired with Theo had black hair and a short neon green skirt. He could see the straps of her bra matched the color of the skirt, as he black top left very little to the imagination. After signing some forms, they were finally told more about the product they would be testing. Theo’s jaw nearly dropped when he heard it -- a brain swapping device. He looked at the woman again and tried to back out. Unfortunately, he had already signed the forms. The next thing he knew, strange electrodes were being attached to his forehead. Before he could protest again, he blacked out. When he awoke, he was now in the body of the black haired woman. It was explained to him that they would all be swapped until the end of the day. Theo looked at the clock; that was at least four more hours. As he was sent back out to the convention floor, he felt so uncomfortable. He tried to cover up his body, but he just felt so exposed. He tried to focus on the plus side. He had just tried out a body swapper! How amazing is that? He just wished he could’ve had a bit more choice when it came to the body he swapped with.

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