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Friday, February 26, 2016


Before accepting the job, Ralph had been told all about the island where he was delivering supplies. He had a hard time believing that tourists would swap bodies with each other for the duration of their travels. It just seemed impossible. Regardless, he didn’t care. The job paid well and his plane was already loaded up. He touched down and before he even had a chance to unload, he suddenly found himself on the beach in someone else’s body. He thought the swapping was limited to tourist; he hadn’t expected to swap bodies with anyone himself. Yet here he was, on the beach in the body of some woman. He realized unloading was going to take quite a bit longer with this body; it just wasn’t as strong as his. And he had to make it back to the landing spot as well. Sure this job paid well, but he was beginning to wonder if it was worth it. Then he looked down at his body and thought that maybe it was he who should be paying a fee to Exchange Island for allowing him to use this wonderful body for a bit.

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