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Sunday, February 28, 2016


Sam always regretted that night. He and his girlfriend had a huge fight, and he went to a bar. That’s where he met Maria. It only took about 15 minutes of flirting before he convinced her to take him back to her place. Sam thought it was the best revenge possible; that is until Maria bit him. Within a few minutes, Sam started to change. His dark hair grew beyond his shoulders, his features became softer, his body began to curve; he was becoming a woman. Maria began to apologize. She couldn’t help herself. She explained that she had once been a man named Mark, and a long time ago he had been seduced by a woman. During their love making, she bit him; thus changing him into Maria. It was a curse -- a bit like being a vampire. Sam would become a woman now, just like Maria, he’d crave making love to men, and he’d have desires to turn them, just like Maria had turned him. Sam couldn’t deny that he was now a woman, but he thought he could fight the desire to curse others. He only lasted a single night. He found himself at the same bar just two nights later, picking up a guy, biting him, and then having to explain the situation to the new woman, just as Maria had done for him. As the blood dribbled down his lips, he was far less apologetic than Maria had been. He just kept thinking about his girlfriend, and wondering if this all could have been avoided if he had not gotten into that fight in the first place, or not tried to get revenge by sleeping with someone else.

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