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Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Ultimate Transplant (Part 5)

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Tim told Randall that he would think about it. He knew that would buy him a week at most. Over the next few days, Tim still couldn’t believe it. He had been in a car accident that resulted in his brain being placed in the body of an Asian woman. The doctors told him not to tell anyone, and despite their advice, he had spilled the beans to his best friend, Randall. And now Randall wanted to go out with him and threatened to tell people about the transplant if he didn’t. Tim really did have to think. Maybe this was a big part of the reason the doctors had given him that advice about not telling anyone. It wasn’t about them and keeping their procedure a secret; it was about keeping people from exploiting Tim, and Tim had screwed it up! And he had been so sure he could trust his best friend. How could Randall do this to him? And what would stop Randall from making other demands of him? Even if he did agree to be Randall’s girlfriend, Tim was sure that starting off a relationship under the threat of blackmail would just lead to worse demands down the line, and he could never break it off, of course, because the threats would just continue. But what if he stood up to Randall? What if Randall did tell the world his secret? Who would he tell? Who would believe him? Tim knew he was Randall’s only friend. Would he tell the media? What proof did he have? Would they even take the tip seriously? Tim was starting to think standing up to Randall was a pretty good option...

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