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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


To celebrate the latest Star Wars film, Ben and Walter had decided to attend the comic book convention dressed as their favorite two characters. Ben, being tall and lanky, had crafted a spectacular C3PO costume, and Walter, as the short and stocky one, went as R2D2. The pair had such fun attending the convention, taking photos with other cosplayers, and hearing all the latest news. Though near the end, the two began to complain that there weren’t enough women in attendance (though it’s not as though two nerdy guys complaining about women stood any chance), but an odd man nearby dressed as a wizard decided to help the two out. The next thing Ben and Walter realized, there were two new women now in attendance at the convention. Of course, thanks to the wizard’s magic, those two women were Ben and Walter themselves. They were shocked at their changed bodies, and even more shocked by their ramped up sexuality. Of course, their needs could only be fulfilled by a certain type of man, so they both went looking for the nerdiest guys they could find -- which wouldn’t be a problem considering where they were...

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