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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Kyle couldn’t believe how often his girlfriend, April, complained about being cold. Even when it was perfectly comfortable, she asked if they could turn up the heat. He would roll his eyes before reluctantly relenting. But the tables turned after the Great Shift swapped the bodies of everyone on the planet, and Kyle and April found themselves in the body of the other. At first, Kyle told himself that he wasn’t going to ever complain about being cold. April, on the other hand, began to crank the air conditioner way up. Without saying a word, Kyle went into the closet to pull out one of April’s coats. He felt sill wearing the thing in the middle of summer, but that AC was so frigid. However, even with the coat, he could feel his nipples getting uncomfortable. He tried to bury himself deeper and deeper in the coat, but eventually decided to ask to turn it off. A smug look came across April’s face as she turned it off.

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