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Friday, February 5, 2016

The Ultimate Transplant (Part 3)

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Randall had broken the silence in the car by asking Tim to prom. Tim was taken aback at first. One, he was a 23 year old woman now, going to a prom seemed beneath him now. It also felt a bit like a date, and Tim was barely used to being a woman, let alone dating, even if it was his best friend! Then he looked in Randall’s eyes. He knew Randall wasn’t asking so he could score a date. He was asking because he didn’t have anyone else to go with. He didn’t have any friends besides Tim; he certainly wasn’t popular enough to have any sort of girlfriend. So Tim agreed.

Tim felt weird wearing the fancy pink dress, but it was even weirder going back to his old high school without being able to tell anyone who he really was (well, besides Randall, of course). Tim turned many heads that night, and no one could figure out why a hot, older woman would be going to prom with Randall. Tim began to worry if any of them would figure out who he really was. After all, Randall had only had one friend, and suddenly now after that friend dies, Randall has a mysterious woman on his arm. Then again, maybe the idea of a brain transplant was so out there that it actually seemed more plausible that a hot woman would be going to prom with a nerdy high school senior. Tim smiled; he knew his secret was safe.

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