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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Equations (Part 2)

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Austin stood, wobbling a little in the high heels that were now on his feet. He wondered how women wore these things; then he gulped. He was the one wearing them for the time being. It started to sink in that he was a woman for the time being. He realized that if he had any hope of undoing this, he needed to get back to the lab. Then again, he wasn’t sure exactly what part of his experiment had gone wrong in a way that would cause a body swap. It still seemed all so unlikely. Then again, the obvious evidence of what happened was right in front of him. He walked carefully across campus, not wanting to trip in these shoes. He attempted to observe side conversations, seeing if anyone else was swapped. They didn’t seem to be. Then again, he realized that it was entirely possible that they just weren’t mentioning it, not wanting people to think they were crazy. It did seem crazy, after all. As he continued to observe people on campus, he started to size them up, considering what would’ve happened if he swapped with someone else instead of this woman. Honestly, he realized this body was probably on the high end of the spectrum for those he could’ve swapped with. She was quite good looking. He would’ve preferred to stay a man; heck, he would’ve preferred to not swap with anyone at all. But if it had to be a woman, this wasn’t that bad. And if he couldn’t find a way to reverse it back at the lab, this wasn’t exactly a terrible body to be stuck in either...

1 comment:

  1. good story, mysteriousm even somehumor. Good that he's keeping his heaad. PLS continue. I hope he meets himelf.