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Sunday, May 15, 2016


Michael really wished he was able to read these signs. When he first encountered them, he assumed they said “Do not enter.” However, the last time he even stood close to one, a strange force emitted from the enclosure and caused him to swap bodies with a woman nearby. She yelled at him (likely in the same language as the sign) before running of with his body. Now he thought they may say “Danger” or “Keep at least 50 feet away.” Yet he approached close again. He hoped to recreate the swap that initially happened. He was pretty sure that he wasn’t very likely to get his own body back, but maybe he could at least swap with a guy. He’d only been a woman for about 20 minutes now, but he was pretty sure that he wasn’t enjoying it. Women’s clothing just seemed quite uncomfortable. How tight were these pants? And the shoes? Not to mention the constriction feeling of a bra around his chest. But he stood there for quite some time and nothing happened.

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