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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Where to Go

William collapsed onto a poolchair in his backyard. After walking home, he checked every single door and window. He usually left one unlocked by accident. Why did this have to be the one time that he didn’t? He thought about calling a locksmith or the police, but he couldn’t imagine they’d believe him. What would he even tell them? William imagined himself explaining the whole situation, “Oh, hi, Officer. I remembered my key, but while I was out, I ended up swapping bodies with this woman. Now she has my body and my key.” Even saying it to himself in his head, it sounded unbelievable. Heck, he had to look down just to remind himself that it was true; that he had swapped bodies with a woman.

And he knew the laws in this state, and he knew many of the people. If he called up the police, they might suspect him of being a hooker or an illegal immigrant just by the way he was dressed or by the color of his skin. A locksmith might think the same thing and up calling the police anyway. In fact, he was pretty sure if his nosey neighbor saw him sitting here, she might do the same thing. Which meant he probably shouldn’t stay here for long, but where was he going to go?

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