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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Filing a Complaint

Josh had just finished calling the taxi commission to register his complaint, but instead, they laughed and hung up on him. Now, he was trying to call the cab company. He knew it was a crazy story about having his body stolen, and how he ended up stealing another one. In fact, when he just said it aloud, he almost didn’t believe himself. And if not for the woman’s body he saw every time he looked down, he probably still wouldn’t have. But maybe, just maybe, someone else had filed a similar complaint in the past. Maybe there were more records than that weird journal in the cab driver’s place. Maybe he could find out more. Of course, the taxi commission had been no help, and so far the taxi company phone number just seemed to be an endless string of automated choices. He didn’t imagine anyone in his situation ever spoke up, but he had hopes that a few did. Maybe if they all did, they could figure a way to reverse the chain of swaps, returning everyone to normal. It was a remote hope he clung onto as he finally started to hear some hold music...

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