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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


John didn’t want to be late. He had just bought the flowers and took the cab from work to ensure he wouldn’t be late for his anniversary dinner with his wife. As he got out of the cab, he reached back in for the flowers, but not before the driver told him to “Have a nice day.” Suddenly, he felt himself sitting back in the cab, only now he was behind the wheel. He couldn’t stop himself from driving away. He was now singularly focused on getting home to his wife, he didn’t care whose body he was in. However, now he felt compelled to stop for a fare. It was a young woman, wanting to go downtown. John didn’t want anything more than to just go home and explain to his wife how he swapped bodies with this cab driver. Instead, he was driving this woman around. He dropped her off at her destination and repeated the words “Have a nice day” that had been told to him upon leaving. Things got even weirder. He swapped bodies with the woman! He grabbed the flowers out of the back before the cab drove away. John knew he still needed to get home; he was really late at this point. He wasn’t sure how he was going to explain this all to his wife -- particularly the fact that he was a woman now -- but he wanted nothing more than to get home to her and celebrate their special day. He hailed another cab, knowing it would be the only way to get home in time; he just hoped it didn’t result in another crazy body swapping chain reaction.

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