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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thinking the Same Thing

Fiona looked at the couch where her boyfriend and four of his friends sat. She hadn’t intended to do this to them. He had invited them over, and they were just acting like guys do. Being messy, rude, and belching. She was getting frustrated and just wished they understood her better. That’s when they all began to transform -- into copies of her! Their old male clothes were practically falling off, so she let them borrow some of hers. She used some of her brightest colored tights -- hoping it would be a way to easily help distinguish who was who, but she quickly lost track anyway. Then she sat them down on the couch. She didn’t know quite what to say. Then she noticed none of them did either. They weren’t belching or being messy. And as the minutes passed, they began to hold themselves in more ladylike ways; they crossed their legs and sat up straight. Silence lingered, and Fiona suddenly felt a tingle of fear. She looked at the five former men on the couch. They were all looking and acting like her now. She was hoping for one of their rude male gestured, to confirm who they really were. What if they all thought they were the real Fiona now? And if she thought that as well, how did she even know who she really was? What if she had been a former guy too just now with all those thoughts replaced? She couldn’t help think as she stared into all their eyes that everyone was thinking the same thing.

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