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Saturday, May 21, 2016


Jeffrey wasn’t quite sure why he woke up each morning at 5AM to jog around Exchange Island. After all, he was only in this body temporarily; he had no reason to maintain its great shape for the brief time he’d have it. Still, he had woken up early every day this week for a run, and he planned to do it every day until he left. As he paused to watch the amazing sunrise, he realized why he did it. He did simply because in this body he was able to do it. This body was in such great shape that he was able to run for miles without getting winded or tired. He probably ran to plenty of places on this island that few ever got to explore with their borrowed bodies. It would be a shame when he had to leave this beautiful scenery when his vacation was over; it’d be an even bigger shame that he’d have to give up this beautiful body.

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