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Monday, May 9, 2016

Office (Part 2)

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I had tried my best the next morning to dress Leah’s body in something she would wear. I knew nothing about being a woman, but I thought I did pretty well. However, when I went downstairs to meet the man responsible for this whole body swapping, I was shocked when I saw Leah. She had dressed my body up in full drag. She said it made her feel “more comfortable;” I hated the thought of people seeing my body like that. The news only got worse when the man came to meet with us. He said that they had repaired the device that swapped our bodies, but it wouldn’t allow us to swap back to our own bodies. Rather, we could only swap bodies with someone else. To make up for the inconvenience of it all, he had assembled a book people that we could pick to swap with. Leah seemed pretty satisfied as she flipped through the book that he had prepared for her. I was sort of sad I wouldn’t be able to go back to my own body, but maybe I didn’t want to. After all, Leah had run around in my body all dressed in drag; going back to my body would've been pretty embarrassing. I look though the book prepared for me, and made my selection...

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