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Friday, May 13, 2016

Self Love (Part 1)

With their wedding only a few weeks away, Scott had been begging Wendy to let him see her in the dress beforehand. She kept insisting it was bad luck and refused to let him see her in it. Scott had a little trick up his sleeve. He had dabbled in the black arts several years ago and still remembered a few spells. He waited until the day of her final fitting, then he proceeded to chant. He hoped the spell would work; it had been years since he cast it. If he did it right, his soul would temporarily split into two. One half would stay with his body, the other would allow him to possess someone else -- in this case Wendy. Neither half would be connected to the other until after about an hour, the errant half would snap back to his original body, and he’d have two sets of memories of that time. Sure enough, the spell seemed to work. The half of his soul now in Wendy’s body was standing in the shop, admiring the dress. It was gorgeous. He felt like a lucky man (even if he technically wasn’t one at the moment). The tailor made a note that the gown was fitting perfectly, and Scott was assisted in getting out of it. He changed back into Wendy’s clothes and waited, knowing it was only a matter of time before he snapped back to his own body with this wonderful memory.

Except when an hour passed, and he was still in her body.

An hour turned to a day, then a week, and finally it was the day of his wedding. Scott felt weird. He hadn’t said anything to his original body about the spell, slightly nervous of the thought that he had messed up and that it was potentially Wendy in there, waiting for him to admit that this swap was his fault. Of course, it was also possible his own soul was still in there, not wanting to tell the person he thought was Wendy about a failed attempt at magic. Now he was going to essentially be marrying himself while wearing the dress he had been so desperate to see just a few weeks earlier.

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