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Sunday, May 22, 2016


Oliver sighed. It had been a few days now since he swapped bodies with his sister. He kept trying to think about what the worst part of being swapped was. He certainly hated having to wear her clothes. The only thing of his own he was able to get away with wearing were his favorite band t-shirts. They still fit (although a little loose), but nothing else really did. That meant he had to wear his sister’s clothes. Just about everything she own was a little weird, crazy, sexy, or all of the above. And speaking of sexy, he realized it may have been easier if his sister wasn’t quite as attractive as she was. It wasn’t just strangers making comments on the streets, but also his own friends -- fully aware of who he really was -- making an inappropriate comment from time to time. He was really getting impatient. He hoped they’d be able to swap back soon. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to deal with this much longer. And, of course, if he did stay in her body much longer, there’d be another part of being a woman coming up that he’d definitely NOT enjoy.

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