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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Self Love (Part 2)

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The wedding had been pretty awkward for Scott, but the honeymoon was even weirder. After quickly getting down to the business of a newly married couple, Scott was pretty sure Wendy was NOT inside his body. That meant he literally was married to himself, the other half of his soul. He excused himself as he headed out of the hotel room and down to the beach. Part of him felt bad, Wendy’s soul was probably still trapped deep down in this body, helpless to do anything as long as he was in control of her body. Another part of him was excited, people talk about marrying a soulmate, but Scott knew his situation took that to a whole new level now. He couldn’t imagine arguing with himself ever. It seemed like a perfect life. He wouldn’t even have to tell his original body. Why ruin it? And he actually enjoyed being Wendy. This life could be perfect...

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