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Monday, May 23, 2016


Daniel had been fretting about getting a gift for his girlfriend Gwen for her upcoming birthday. With only a few days left, he turned to her best friend Kaya for ideas. She didn’t have any thoughts on gifts, but she had an idea that might help him out. Kaya mentioned a trip to the mall that she, Gwen, and a few other friends had planned. Then she talked about black magic she had learned and about switching bodies with Daniel for the day, so he could tag along and observe Gwen to figure out something. Daniel thought she was crazy! Swapping bodies seemed impossible. She told him it would work, and that he should expect to be swapped about 1PM tomorrow. Daniel agreed reluctantly.

The next day, it wasn’t until about 1:30 when it happened. He actually thought it wasn’t going to, but then he suddenly found himself standing outside the mall in Kaya’s body, and he could see Gwen approaching from the distance. He felt so uncomfortable in Kaya’s leather skirt; he wished she had worn something else. At least she wore flats instead of heels! He tried to stay quiet the entire time, attempting to pick up anything that might be useful from Gwen’s shopping habits or from her conversations with the other girls. By the end of the trip, he still didn’t have any clue about what sort of gift to get Gwen.

He expected to swap back at some point, but when night fell, he was starting to get a little worried. He called his own number, hoping Kaya would pick up in his body, but she didn’t answer. He drove to his house; she wasn’t there. For the time being, he was stuck! He hoped she turned up soon. She couldn’t have stolen his body, could she?

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  1. LOL OUCH! Good story/ Is there going to be a number 2? & I wonder if she is with Gwen?