Sunday, November 1, 2015

Not Our Problem

Greg and Donald were in China for a business trip. After a busy day, the two hit up the nightlife. At various bars, they flashed their money around and got very drunk. Two beautiful women took note of the rich, foreign businessmen. Neither Greg nor Donald could object as the two women fawned attention on them. As the night went on, the two women continued to flirt, leading Greg and Donald to a square where they kissed. As the kiss broke, Greg and Donald suddenly felt very different. For starters, they both instantly were sober. Greg put his hand to his face, feeling smooth skin instead of his stubble. At the same time, Donald moved his arm over his chest to cover the uncomfortable feeling of breasts that he now had. Both were shocked as they watched their former bodies stumble away. These two women had stolen their bodies, and there didn’t seem to be anything either of them could do about it.

After about an hour, Greg finally spoke up, “The joke’s on them, I suppose.”

“Yeah, the company is going to go so on ‘us’ when they see how much money we wasted on this trip without anything to show for it. We might even get fired,” Donald laughed.

“Not our problem anymore.”

“Nope, not at all. Not at all...”

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