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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Still Nothing

Chuck checked his text messages again. Andrea should have gotten in contact with him by now about swapping back. They had switched bodies three days ago; he had fun, but he certainly didn’t want to be stuck like this! The long weekend was almost over, he needed to get back to work, an he knew nothing about Andrea’s job! He was starting to feel really stupid for trusting her. He had given her his number, but instead of getting one in return, she just made a promise to get in touch. He hadn’t heard a single peep this entire time. He heart began to race. What if he had written it down wrong? What if she was trying to contact him and he just didn’t know it? Maybe he should’ve stayed at her place or at least gotten her address. Instead, they had each just exchanged small suitcases with a few items that should last. He checked again; still nothing...

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