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Thursday, November 19, 2015


“Honestly, Sis,” Toby sighed, “I don’t know why anyone raved about that lame museum exhibit. The room was practically empty. Then we paid that security guard off, like, what, $20 so we could lean over and touch it? How special could that weird glowing thing be if he was bought off so cheaply?”

“Then the damned thing stopped glowing once we touched it,” Tiffany added, “What a rip!”

Of course, the two siblings hadn’t noticed yet what the artifact had done. Toby now had his head atop his sister’s body and Tiffany had her head on his. The security guard knew full well the power of the artifact, and thought these two spoiled trust funders would get what they deserved. He knew they wouldn’t notice the change immediately, but in a few hours, they’d be freaking out....

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