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Friday, November 27, 2015


Paul had casually bumped into the woman on the street while heading to work. He had probably bumped into hundreds of people in the past, and he had certainly never swapped bodies with any of the other ones! Once he realized what had happened, he was frozen in place. It was her who grabbed his hand and pulled him aside. He could see the fire in her eyes. She explained that she was a model, or at least trying to be a model. She was on her way to her first shoot; she wasn’t going to miss it. That meant they could discuss this weird body swapping later. For now, Paul had to get to her shoot. She gave him simple instructions: Do whatever they ask, no questions asked. A few hours later, Paul found himself wearing a bikini in front of an elaborate backdrop while a man took pictures of him. He felt naked and awkward, but did his best to relax. The photographer seemed to feed off Paul’s nervousness, which he supposed was a good thing. At least if he pulled this off, the woman he swapped with wouldn’t be angry at him for destroying her career. Then again, if they weren’t able to swap back, this was going to be his career.

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  1. very good story & use of pic., like the touch that if they didn''t swap back this would be his career