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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Award Show

Graham didn’t know why he watched so many award shows, he was just really into them for some reason. It was one night when he was watching one when he suddenly felt his body shift and he realized he was no longer on his couch watching, he was sitting in a chair at the arena where the ceremony was actually being help. On top of that, he was pretty close to the stage. He was gasping in awe until a long strand of black hair fell into his vision. He brushed it aside, but he knew having long hair was wrong. He didn’t have long hair. Then he looked down to see two very large breasts shown off in a very revealing gown. He was a woman! Soon he couldn’t stop looking down at his new body. He had stopped paying any attention to the ceremony whatsoever. He wanted to enjoy the rare opportunity of being at an actual award show live, but he was far too distracted by the even rarer opportunity of being inside the body of the opposite sex!

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