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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Now with links to photos!

Starting today, each post will have a link to the photos for those of you that are having trouble viewing. If you are having trouble viewing because you have some kind of adblocker which prevents you from seeing the pic in the script, well, then, shame on you. My hard work on this site IS supported by ads after all.


  1. hard work my ass. 3 pics a day at most. fuck you. I wont be back.

  2. Ignore the troll, what it fails to realisethat it takes a long timeto search for the right image, think up interesting and witty captions and postthem on the site - you are looking at around an hour and a half to two hours on a good day per picture - then there is what you do in the real world to earn a living too - so, yeah, ignore this guy - I appreciate the effort.

    Great Sage

  3. Thanks, I was going to respond myself once I got home from work.

    I mean, I *KNOW* the ads are annoying. I am watching the news right now; there are commercials on that annoy me, but I deal. When I drive down the highway despite billboards, etc.

    I often feel like my captions can be a little formulaic because I do try to make sure I have three each day. If there is a website that posts more than 3 each and every day, I SERIOUSLY want the link to that!

  4. I dunno what their problem is, I find the fact that you even update daily to be vastly better than any site around here. Not even just one update a day either, so it's a good effort all around I think, not to mention the quality of choice in pictures is also higher than most caption sites.