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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

Tom couldn't take his eyes off the mirror in the strange art gallery. The entire room was reflected perfectly, except instead of his reflection in the mirror stood a very pretty woman. She mimiced his actions exactly. He thought it was an actress at first, but it certainly LOOKED like a flat mirror, and there would be no way for an actress to pull off this trick could there? He curiously reached out. When he touched the mirror, it tugged on his arm, sucking him in. The harder he pulled, the more the mirror pulled. Once he was fully engulfed he looked down at himself and realized he now WAS the woman reflected in the mirror. He touched the mirror again, pressed his body against it, but there was no way back. A woman at the gallery then yelled at him for touching the art and kicked Tom out. But what was he going to do now? [LINK]

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