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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trusty Hat

BillyJoe wished that woman from the big city hadn't stopped and asked him for directions just as the Great Shift hit. He guesses he wouldn't have swapped with anyone, considering there was no one else around for miles. However, there she was, and when the Shift hit, he became her and she became him. He brought her back to his barn where they discussed what had happened. A little relief set in when they learned it wasn't an isolated incident. Both figured they could continue with their old lives in their new bodies. Considering they were all much too large for him now, BillyJoe gave her all his clothes, and she took the suitcase out of her car and gave it to him before driving off. BillyJoe groaned at the selection of outfits before him...well, at least he could still wear his trusty hat. [LINK]

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