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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


When it happened, Alfie immediately looked back across the street to where he had just been standing a moment before. The woman who he swapped bodies with did the same. Her jaw dropped as she looked back at her former body and then down at Alfie’s body, which she now had. She darted across the street to her former body without looking both ways. A car swerved to avoid her, but to no avail. The driver had also just found himself in a new body behind the wheel, and he was shocked enough to be driving that he just couldn’t react fast enough to the woman in Alfie’s body sudden crossing. It was all so surreal for Alfie. As he watched his own body getting hit by a car, it felt like the afterlife rather than a body swap. He couldn’t even bring himself to rush over to help. He just stood there, staring. It probably wasn’t an uncommon way to react to the Great Shift...

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